Dan Quarnstrom
Creative Director

Thanks for visiting my site.

After starting my career as an illustrator I've been very fortunate to have followed an enthusiasm for illustrating Rock And Roll posters and Hot Rods (it's a long story) into a career designing for 3D Animation in Feature Films, Commercials, Ride Films, Visual Effects and Video Games.

As a Creative Director, Art Director and Designer at Rhythm And Hues Studios I was able to apply those enthusiasms to a wide variety of projects in many mediums. As an Art Director and Designer at Sony Pictures Animation and an Art Director at Rainmaker Entertainment I focused on design for feature animation.

I enjoy all aspects of story telling, especially the challenge of imagining, defining and populating the worlds in which stories are told. My passion and expertise is creating 2D designs and orchestrating their transformation into unique 3D realities, then, utilizing lighting and choreography, making them come alive.

Developing the characters who will inhabit these spaces is especially satisfying as each character is a unique blend of personality, emotion and design. Each must work seamlessly with other cast members in support of the story. The goal, working with clients and animators is to discover and refine those characteristics while creating believable performances.

I have a great deal of experience and enjoy all aspects of the visual development process. I can work easily with teams to explore and refine ideas, shape solutions to meet expectations and work with clients to execute the project.

Dan Quarnstrom